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About Us

We are Erica and Mark Gehrig - a mixed marriage of Madisonian and Flatlander (that's Illinois!), but both Badgers. We love it here! As explorers ourselves, we are constantly searching for new Madison restaurants, interesting food, and historic buildings. Erica’s past employment adventures include the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Wisconsin Historical Society. She spends her free time planning trips for the family and for friends. Mark is a banker who became a history teacher who is now a brewer, and he is often found reading historic plaques on those family trips.

Madison Food Explorers was established in 2010 by Andrea Hughes before the boom of the food tour business. Erica joined the MFX team as a guide in 2013, and still gives a majority of the tours. The rest of the team, including Andrea, is made up of of teachers, historians, event planners, restaurant staff and professional adventurers. Our tour guides are excited to tell you the stories behind the Madison restaurants and the capitol doors.


Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be a part of the heart and soul of Madison’s food scene.

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